Menus Include:


Coffee and Donuts $3.95/person
Continental Breakfast $6.95/person
Hot Breakfast $9.95/person
On Location Hot Breakfast

Quick Lunch:
Boxed Lunches $7.95/person
Deli and Soup Lunch Buffet $9.95/person

Lunch Buffet:
Starting @ $10.95/person
Cashew Chicken-N-Biscuit Lunch
Traditional BBQ Luncheon
Grilled Sandwich Luncheon
Beef Stew Luncheon
Mexican Lunch Buffet
Italian Lunch Buffet
Cheese Steak Lunch Buffet
Fried Chicken Lunch Buffet
French Dip Lunch Buffet

SAMPLE Dinner Buffet:
Starting @ $16.95/person
Meatloaf Dinner Buffet
Roast Beef Dinner Buffet
Chicken Parmesan Dinner Buffet
Chicken Marsala Dinner Buffet
Chicken Florentine Dinner Buffet

SAMPLE Deluxe Dinner Buffet:
Starting @ $19.95/person
Honey Ham Deluxe Dinner Buffet
Chicken Cacciatore
Stuffed Chicken Deluxe Dinner Buffet
Chicken Franchese
Pot Roast Deluxe Dinner Buffet

SAMPLE Grand Dinner Buffet:
Starting @ $22.95/person
Chicken Cordon Bleu Grand Dinner Buffet
Lasagna Bar Grand Dinner Buffet
Turkey Grand Dinner Buffet
Pork Loin Grand Dinner Buffet
Beef Stroganoff Grand Dinner Buffet

Or Create Your Own Menu:
Click on link to build your own
Dinner Buffet $16.95
Deluxe Buffet $19.95
Grand Buffet $22.95